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Arrieta & Co. Corporate practice has lawyers in the entire Central American region who provide a broad range of corporate and business services to local, multinational and regional corporations, as well as private businesses. In many cases, we represent corporations in all aspects of their corporate life–from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its operation. Our corporate practice is broad and often intersects with closely related practices–particularly tax and corporate transactions.
We also counsel businesses with regard to their ongoing contractual relationships with local and international customers, suppliers, and distributors.
Arrieta & Co. has many practice areas within our corporate services: mergers and acquisitions; real estate; leasing; intellectual property; and labor and employment.
Some of the services we provide are:

  • Counseling for the establishment of subsidiaries and branches, amendment and dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Legal representation of foreign companies and enterprises.
  • Legal counseling for the elaboration of Corporation’s Minutes.
  • Elaboration and review of local, regional and international contracts.
  • Administrative procedures before several governmental authorities, among them: Local IRS, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Internal Affairs, etc.

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